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Bone in Rib Eye with Porcini Compound Butter

Not many things rival a quality steak. Rib Eye steak is my favorite. But if we are being "leaner" we eat NY Strip. And although my husband hates relinquishing control of his grill, we have discovered that skillet broiling them produces a far richer and superior taste. The herbs, garlic and salt infuse the steak with flavor far beyond its own lonely awesomeness. So unless it is a marinated flank steak, we have ceased to grill our steaks. And in turn, we cook them in the oven. I have a Rosemary Garlic Butter Steak recipe which I will also include a link to. Both are absolutely a splendid and sophisticated way to add flavor to a great cut of meat. The intensity of the heat also gives a great caramelization to the steak and really quick sears those flavors it; making it the ultimate savory experience.

Ingredients: 2 Rib Eye Steaks (or whatever cut you prefer) Porcini Thyme Compound Butter (click hyper link for the recipe) extra thyme leaves (optional) salt pepper garlic

Instructions: 1. Season your steak to taste with a little bit of sea salt, fresh cracked pepper and finely minced garlic. We like to do this about an hour before we cook the steak so that the flavors have time to penetrate the meat. 2. When you're ready to cook the steak make sure that you have the Porcini Compound Butter that you will use at room temperature. Put roughly 2 tbsp of the compound butter into a cast iron skillet and add the steaks. (You may leave some additional butter out to let melt on top your steak after you remove it from the oven; I do.) 3. Turn your oven onto broil. ALlow a few minutes for it to fully warm up. 4. Place the skillet with the seasoned steak, compound butter and extra thyme leaves into the oven. I eat my steak pretty much blue rare. My husband eats his a standard rare. I can help you with cooking times for these temperatures, but if you insist on turning your meat into jerkey, you're on your own. ;) 5. If you have an extra thick cut of steak (about 3") broil 4 minutes, flip the meat and broil an additional 4 minutes. This should give you a fairly rare steak. If you want it a little bit more well done begin with 5 minutes, flip it, then broil another 5. Once the meat starts to cook through, this process accelerates quickly. If your steak is 2 inches thick or less, begin with 3 minutes and 3 minutes for a rare finish. Remember, you can always put the meat back in if it is top rare. 6. Allow the meat to rest for a few minutes before cutting it. Top with additional Porcini Thyme Butter if you would like. Enjoy!

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