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Who doesn't love food? I do. I'm guessing you do.

My name is Amy Pottinger and food is one of my creative outlets as well as a life long passion.

I also happen to be a stay at home mom with two wonderful children and two large dogs. My location and life are a by product of my husband's job. Currently we reside in Honolulu, Hawaii. But we have also spanned the continent with locations such as Alaska, Florida and more. I am a bit of a culinary chameleon and each place that we live, weaves its way into my food and the stories of our lives. I love it all (the food AND experiences)!

My husband has even been calling me his "cooking rat" for as long as I can remember. And I am moderately certain that it is a term of endearment. And just like Ratatouille, I really believe that anyone can cook. But not everyone has the confidence in their culinary knowledge to create really crave-able flavors. That's where I come in. I am an at home cook, just like you. And I REALLY understand  and have a passion for food. There are many things I love in life. But most consist of some sort of art, and lots of love; both are present in food. The art of food and the love of food are concepts congruent with family and passion. Cooking for friends and family has always been something that has brought me joy. My soul finds it soothing. And my ego finds it to be flattering. I hope you receive some pleasure in recreating the things I both enjoy cooking and serving to family and friends. So whether we are creating something you've never tried before, or getting that perfect balance of flavors on your well worn favorites, it will be delicious and it will be fun. 

Food Network Star Finalist (top 4)


Honolulu Magazine 

An interview with Honolulu Magazine, discussing what it was really like to be on Food Network Star.

Messy Life, Messy Kitchen

This super talented group of people will compete for the ultimate prize; their own show on the Food Network

My Casting Video

My 2 minute casting video is comic relief for sure. I wouldn't say I am proud of it, but amused for sure! Enjoy!

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