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Super Cleanse Beet, Ginger, Pineapple Juice

Okay y'all... I LOVE this juice. And even better, it is super good for you. I made a pitcher full, and drink one glass with breakfast, and one in the later afternoon. Almost all of the ingredients are proven to have super cleansing powers; flushing your system while you still maintain a normal, healthy diet. This isn't a Jamba Juice kind of juice. The beets make it earthy and the grapefruit, lemon and ginger make it tart. But if you know you're not in search of a SunnyD, sugar saturated kind of juice this is legit! Beets: They're filled with vitamin C, fiber, potassium, manganese and aid in digestion and a healthy immune system. If you're pregnant... Beets should also be on your list for the B vitamin foliate. Ginger: It is linked to treating soreness, nausea and is super good for colonic health! Lemons: They are rich in vitamin C, rejuvenating your system, skin and general health. They are also always tied to weight loss. Ta-da Parsley: Absolutely filled with so many vitamins such as: vitamin C, B 12, K and A. Parsley also helps with bone development, keeping a healthy immune system and supporting kidney function. Pineapple: Well, first, it is our natural sweetener for this drink. We have some yummy but heavy hitters in flavors as well, but they need a little sweetness. PLUS pineapples are high in vitamin C and bromelain, also adding to energy production. Coconut Water: Its basically filled with natural electrolytes and is awesome for hydration. Alone, most of these ingredients (minus pineapple and coconut water) are considered cleansing (primarily for your colon and digestive system). They help flush fat, water retention and colonic build up. But together, I have combined them into a super drink that is sure to have you feeling better in no time. Cleansing your system, losing some weight and boosting your immunity has never been easier (or tastier).

Ingredients: 1 pineapple

4 grapefruits 2 bushels of parsley 10 lemons 3 large beets 4-5 thumb size piece(s) of ginger (just kind eye it) 1 liter plain coconut water

Instructions: 1. Get your juicer set up and prep the ingredients all at once, or in bunches, depending on what is easiest for you. 2. Cut off the skin of your pineapple and cut it into strips that would be manageable for the opening of your juicer. Set the pineapple aside, or juice immediately. 3. Juice the parsley, and the ginger (I didn't peel mine, first time ever... and it didn't make a difference.) 4. Cut the peel off of the lemons and set aside, or juice immediately. 5. Peel the skin from the beets, also cutting them into a size manageable to your juicer's mouth. Juice the beets. You're done with juicing. 6. Once all of the contents are juiced, empty the liquid into a large vessel and add the coconut water. 7. Stir/gently shake each time before drinking. As mentioned above, I drink 8 oz when I first wake up and 8 oz in the late afternoon. This will typically last me a week. Enjoy!

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