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The Best Guacamole Ever (at least I've been told... more than once)

So on more than one occasion, my guac has been hailed as "the best", "my favorite", "sooooo good" and yada, yada yada. Luckily for you, since I pay $25/month, I can share my recipes with you. You don't have to be my personal friend, invited to my house for Cinco de Mayo. But hit me up and maybe you can come on over anyway. :) I have about 4 blog posts to hammer out and plan on getting to bed at a decent time tonight, so lets quit it with the foreplay, and just get down into the recipe.


3 avocados

1/2 - 3/4 cup cilantro leaves, chopped

2-3 garlic cloves

1 radish (okay, I have this weird onion thing. I promise you won't miss them, but if you want to substitute 2 tbsp diced onion for a radish, that would be a totally acceptable substitute.)

1/4 cup diced pickled jalapenos (the pickled flavor adds to the guac for sure)

2 tbsp lime juice

1/4 tsp salt, more to taste

1/4 tsp pepper, more to taste

1. In a lidded mixing bowl, combine the salt, pepper, lime juice, finely minced garlic, chopped radishes, and chopped cilantro leaves. Give them all a quick stir.

2. Take a sharp knife, and run it down the middle of the the avocado until it halves.

3. Remove the pit. (If you put it in your guac later, it will keep it green and fresh looking longer.)

4. Take a small, sharp knife and make cross hatch marks in the inside of the avocado.

5. Take a spoon and empty the contents of the avocado into the bowl that has the other ingredients.

6. Use a fork to kinda smoosh everything together. I prefer to guac to maintain some of the avocado texture. You can make yours smoother if you like. So how long you mix stuff together for depends on the consistency you're wanting for your guac.

Serve with chips, on a taqcoon a burger, or whatever!

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