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Boozy Root Beer Floats

There really isn't much to say here but yum. One of your childhood favorites has just been upgraded to contain alcohol. All the creamy and fizzy goodness of a root beer float, but with liquor. I realize that I am pretty much rewording the same thing. But that's because that is pretty much all you need to do. And, its really quite simple to make. I'm basically just an idea generator here. You don't need special skills on this one. It is just like when I browse Pinterest. I did not know I had to do that craft or make that dinner until I saw it there. Then it is all I think about. Same goes for this float. I am just suggesting this simple combination for you to recreate. It is kind of like putting cream in coffee. Actually, its more like putting Baileys in coffee. Haha. That has been around forever. But I am sure someone has it on their blog like they are doing it best. In steps Amy with her root beer float drink and upsetting the game. And since it is so simple, lets just get to the point. Right?!?! (And of course you can skip the alcohol in the ones you're serving to the kids.)

There I am taking selfies with my drink. I'm a spaz.


Whipped or Vanilla Vodka

Root Beer (10-12 oz per drink) You could also use cream soda...

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

1. Chill some pint glasses.

2. Add 2 oz of chilled vanilla or whipped vodka to your glass.

3. Pour chilled root beer over the vodka and give it a stir. Make sure you leave some room at the top of the ice cream.

4. Add a generous scoop of ice cream to the top.


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