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Blackberry Lemon Curd Dutch Baby Pancake

A Dutch Baby is basically a skillet pancake. And boy are they delicious. Its like a pancake/cake hybrid. And one of the beautiful things about a Dutch Baby is how versatile they are. Ever year for Christmas breakfast we make a caramelized apple and cinnamon Dutch Baby. You could do it with Banana's Fosters or pretty much anything you could think up. But for today's scrumptious post, I have made a heavenly blackberry and lemon curd Dutch Baby. Are you drooling yet? Sure, it doesn't have magenta frosting (although not aired, that was requested by none other than Bobby himself) or sprinkles (requested by Giada), but it has crazy good flavor. And not crazy like I am crazy... And it is also intended to be family size and not "ginormous food". So for better or worse, here it is. :)

This magical pancake puffs up to vertical heights in your oven and absorbs all of the deliciousness of it's fillings, making for the perfect bite every time. Your friends and family may think you're fancy, but the truth is you need little more than a blender and a