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Comeback Kitchen and Taco Recipes

Last night on Comeback Kitchen, we made some interesting dishes. Can I level with you? The retro dish challenge was one of my least favorites to date. We were limited to ONLY the basket ingredients. With the rest of the pantry off limits, there is only so much that one can do. Lets give it a try. My ingredients were:

duck mousee

chicken livers



lemon juice


processed cheese







green olives

heavy whipping cream

Positively inspiring isn't it?

Although it wasn't a total disaster, I am just going to move on in life and assume no one really needs the Live Pineapple recipe. If I am mistaken, feel free to correct me.

The next assignment last night on Comeback Kitchen was elevated takeout. The first thought that popped into my head was really good Mexican food. I love Mexican Food. My husband loves Mexican food. Everyone loves Mexican Food. Snoop D O Double G (or now Snoop Lion) loves Mexican food. And I make a lot of it. So I took that idea and ran with it.

Since I cannot possibly recall everything I made, I am giving you a post that has a whole boat load of tacos. Because until I watched last night's episode, all I could remember is that I made a steak taco. So you are getting a collection of tacos, and I can tell you the steak marinade, the slaw and the pico de gallo that I used. Because truthfully... I basically just interchange a lot of slaws, sauces, meats, picos, etc for my Mexican dishes.

It truly is a win win for you. I make tons of bomb ass tacos. And now, they are all in one place. So really, my spacey forgetfulness is your FRIEND. It might not be my friend, but it is yours. Last night on Comeback Kitchen, I picked my boo thang Trace (The Bitter Socialite) for my team. And I knew Sarah (The Urban Cowgirl) could slay Mexican. Avengers Assemble!

Trace made a stuffed pepper, I made a steak tacos and Sarah made seafood enchiladas.

Tyler and Valerie loved my steak taco, duh... along with Sarah and Trace's dishes (also duh). In the end my boo boo went home for "looking the wrong direction" on camera. But I do have to defend him and say there were two camera lenses and it was confusing as heck! I don't think that is information I can get in trouble for sharing. lol.

Below is basically all the information you need to make the taco I made Tyler and Valerie.

The steak marinade is pretty much the same one I do for ALL my flank/skirt steak tacos. The slaw is radicchio and arugula instead of cabbage. And the pico de gallo does omit pineapple and use corn instead. But all in all you can recreate it. OR you can just cook them all and figure out your favorite taco. It will be difficult to chose, Mexican food is my jam y'all.

We are going to divide the following information into two categories. The first is one that is relevant to the making of this taco, and the second is just damn delicious tacos. Sound fair? Thought so.

For this Taco

Other Tacos... because why not?!?!

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