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Cooking with your children

So I love to cook. And part of my heart melts when I see my child in her play kitchen mimicking mommy. Then, part of my brain gets anxious and put off when she enters MY kitchen. Its sad/funny because its true. I have a very limited amount of time to be productive each day, and even less time to myself. So when I took the plunge to let her cook with me, it was actually quite refreshing. Yes, it was a mess. And sure it was a cookie recipe from the back of a chocolate chip bag (I'm not a baker, let that be fair warning if I ever post a baking entry). But she loved it. And it was so much easier for me to let go knowing that it could be a cleaning disaster. Because at the end of the day, I still do need reminding how much more significant my child's development and sense of belonging should outweigh my inner most desires to have everything organized and perfect. Life's a journey, no? :)

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