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Hawaiian Garlic Butter Prawns

Week 3 of Food Network Star down. And what dish did this girl cook? Hawaiian Garlic Butter Prawns. Duh. This is a dish that I have made before. In fact, I am recycling this blog post. I am a busy stay at home mom. (Yeah, I am going to over sell the shiz out of it now people of Twitter.) A girl has got to save time where she can. Am I right? I tell you this, since I am actually going to keep my old intro (featured below). It isn't that it is a work of literary genius of anything. But I have a mildly interesting life story associated with it. So you get old blog post and new blog post merged into one. I don't know if inserting you're welcome here is the way to go, so for once I will omit that.

So week 3 of Food Network Star featured "All Terrain Eats". I was on Team Addie (super excited after our awesome team last week). And everything kind of fell together. We each got our desired terrain. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. And we spend an obscene amount of time at the beach, so it was perfect for me. Yay me. I have cooked this dish before, so I was pretty comfortable with it. Cooking it on Food Network Star was EXACTLY the same. You know, except that it wasn't. No extra pressure. Just cooking for Bobby, Giada and Tyler and a bunch of other people. People who had to chose me, pick my dish head-to-head over the most accomplished chef in the competition. And just for good measure lets throw in time constraints, video presentations and a national viewing platform followed by uneducated judgments from the people of twitter. Exactly the same.

I will still maintain that Cory is the better chef. But my vibrant personality won the crowd over and I came out of top with more votes, landing me in the top AGAIN! (I have to credit my team for my top tier status on week 2. We worked really well together and my dish may not have stood on its own.) This amateur chef, amateur artist, amateur everything has been in the top each week; the only one I might add.