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Smoothie Prep for a Month

I’m sure if any of you are anything like me, you also have a Pinterest page; and none of this is new to you. But I am a busy mommy of two and right before baby two popped out, I wandered the grocery store freezer section looking for fast and easy fixes to fill my belly in case I was too busy to cook. We love our Vitamix (seriously get one if you don’t have one... now) and love healthy smoothies. So referencing my ever growing Pinterest knowledge pool, I premade smoothie bags for like 20 meals. And the greatest part... my toddler loves them!

I purchased freezer sandwich bags and filled them with spinach, kale, frozen berries, sliced banana and melon. (You can obviously put whatever you wanted to in them.) Once the assembly line was complete, I popped them into my freezer.

If you want to be extra complicated, but a little healthier, you can even juice your own juice and have it ready in the fridge for like 3-5 smoothies worth. (Once juiced, the fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutritional value, so you don’t want to go crazy juicing up a storm. In my Cuisinart Juicer I juiced carrot, celery, apple, orange and cucumber. I wanted to keep pumping those veggies in. (You could always buy store bought juice, just try to not to get something super sugary.)

If I'm going to work out in the morning I'll throw half a cup of raw oats in (the beauty of a Vitamix, it’s blended perfectly) along with some flax seed and maybe some yogurt.

What a quick, easy, healthy and filling meal!

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