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Learning to be Greatful

As for those of you whole don’t know me, half of my parental make up lives in Uganda. A few years ago my dad, Lyle, and my step mother, Ingrid, decided to move to Uganda. They are over there living as missionaries. And when I say living over there as missionaries, I mean living over there. Not for six months, not for a year; but indefinitely, until God calls them home. They were fortunate enough to return to the US when I had my son Joshua a few months back. They have since returned to Uganda. They are in a remote area with very little resources. And although not vital to existence, one of the things they are lacking is internet. So before they returned to their remote village, I asked them to check out my new food blog that I had started. Their responses were proud and excited, as I had found an outlet for something that I loved doing. And in a joking manner, my step mother said it was unfair to ask her to look at all that yummy food when so little was available to them. And although it was said light heartedly, it got me thinking. I was thinking about how truly spoiled I, and most of us are. And how tragically, we don’t realize how much we have to be grateful for. I’m not trying to preach here. But I feel slighted if I’m stuck with chicken and rice for dinner. They have very little available to them, and others have nothing. I live in a nice home where I don’t constantly fear for my children’s or my safety. I am amply provided for and hardly think twice about it. So much of my blessed life is taken for granted. So hug your kids a little tighter, and savor the foods you eat, and any other luxury that you have. And also remember how temporary it is. That things aren’t what life is about. And that really, and truly, everything comes from God. If you want to read more about their journey, or contribute in anyway, the link to their website is

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