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Spinach Salad with Pomegranate, Blueberry and Basil Salsa

This is actually the first thing I made my husband, like ever. (Rewind, oh geez, seven plus years.) We were hungry and he said we should run to the store. I think he grabbed a frozen pizza or something and I was like, I want a salad. He said fine, grab some lettuce. I came back with pomegranates, strawberries, peaches, basil, spinach, gorgonzola and some dressing. I threw together a salad and his frozen pizza went untouched. It’s a great salad. Not only is it filled with antioxidants and healthy, nutritional ingredients; it tastes good too. You can easily add chicken or steak and its a full on meal. And as weird as this may sound, I have put the pomegranate-peach-blueberry-basil-salsa over vanilla ice cream, and it was delicious!


2 containers spinach

1 peach or nectarine

6 oz/1pint blueberries

1 pomegranate 3/4 oz package fresh basil


chicken or steak (optional)

Blackberry-Rosemary Vinaigrette (link to my recipe)


1. If you want meat, cook it and set it aside.

2. In a mixing bowl combine deseeded pomegranate, minced basil, container of blueberries and cut up peach/nectarine (1/4 inch pieces). Stir until consistent.

3. Fill a bowl with spinach.

4. Top with the fruit/basil salsa and some gorgonzola.

5. Finish with the Blackberry-Rosemary White Balsamic dressing.

Its sooo good!

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