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Capellini Pomodoro with Italian Turkey Sausage

Okay, so this is essentially the pomodoro sauce that I just posted, but I also wanted it to be available in the entree section, in case someone were to be browsing for such a dish. There won't be a large amount of detail in this post. But I will provide a link to my sauce recipe below. It’s an easy weeknight dinner that makes great leftovers. And it is a fresher approach to your typical pasta dish. And a heck of a lot off preservatives too!


Capellini noodles (or linguini, spaghetti, angel hair, etc...)

Italian turkey sausage

Parmesan (for grating)


1. Cook the noodles as instructed on the box.

2. Cook the Italian turkey sausage (whole) about 80 percent of the way. Slice on a bias and then sere off the rest of the way.

3. In a sauce pan, reheat the pomodoro sauce.

4. Pour about 1.2 cup over a serving of noodles, add turkey sausage, and finishing off with fresh grated parmesan.


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