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Mommy and ME Time

Sometimes a frozen pizza can do the trick. And although not as soothing as the real thing, sometimes an at home manicure can make you fresh again. Tonight is ME night. My children have made it successfully off into the land of nod. And I have made it to glass of wine number two. Knowing that tonight I would be sans husband and catch up on my blog, I wrote the unthinkable on my meal planning board (pause) frozen pizza. Just kidding, it’s not unthinkable. Because come to think of it, my oldest child ate reheated popcorn chicken for dinner; and my youngest ate reheated breast milk. Because every night, cannot be a “winner”. And although some days are spent relishing in the beautiful creation of your children’s lives and development, others are spent literally counting the seconds until brushed teeth and baths. Although I miss my husband when he goes out of town, a secret part of me was relishing the fact that at some point I would crawl in my AK Starfish sweatpants and my 13.1 tee shirt only to snuggle up on my couch with a bottle of wine. I would try to draw out the glory days of Grey’s Anatomy (just die with dignity already) and stay awake for the last season of Parenthood (tear). So as I finish this last blog post, and as you read it, open some wine, crack open a beer, or have a Perrier; pant your nails, take a hot bath, watch a trashy tv show and have some YOU time. After all, it’s a hard knock life!

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