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Drunken Chicken Marsala

This is my first time having ever made Chicken Marsala. And not that I'm surprised in reference to my own culinary abilities, but it was quite tasty. I even ate my leftover over zucchini noodles today (making it "healthy"... nice try Amy). But it was worth every last creamy wine infused bite. It was decedent and rich without being too over powering. As usual my husband was impressed with a "new" dish and my ability to do anything. Well, not anything. I can't speak for my singing ability; among other things. Anyway, since nap time for the children is wining to an end, I will spare you what I (and only I most likely) believe to be witty nonsense that tickles your insides. Here is the recipe...


8 boneless skinless chicken thighs (traditionally done with chicken breast, that will work too)

16 oz of mushrooms, crimini or mini portabella (I like a lot, you could use less)

1 package golden tomatoes

6-8 cloves of garlic

1 1/2 cups Marsala cooking wine

2 tbsp heavy whipping cream

5 tbsp of butter, divided

2 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

a little more salt and pepper, garlic powder and flour for dusting

1 tsp cornstarch (dissolved in 1 tbsp water)

parsley for garnish