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Moscow Mule... From Russia, with Love

How have I been so late on the boat to catch onto this trend?!?! Oh, nectar of the Gods! Seriously, I can't believe that as a former bartender (for a some odd 3+ years), I had no idea what this. It is delicious, refreshing, and if you can't find diet Ginger Beer, not all that bad for you. If you go the diesel route, it does run a little calorically higher. The first challenge... Finding ginger beer. (Hint: Its not actually beer.) Ginger beer is like ginger ale but actually made of ginger. Its flavor profile is more intense than your off the shelf ginger ale. Luckily, Moscow Mules seem to be making a comeback, so you're more likely to find it at your grocer and most specialty super markets. If you haven't had one yet, try it. Its delicious!

Ingredients: Vokda Ginger Beer Ginger Root (med-large piece) Mint Sugar Limes Soda Water (optional, I will get there)

You will also want Moscow Mule Glasses (yes, this makes a difference).

Instructions (for 2 drinks): 1. Make ginger simple syrup. Bring 1 cup (and a few extra tbsp) of water to a boil, along with some thinly sliced ginger. Just slice 6-8 thin slices of ginger and let boil for about 5 minutes before adding your 1 cup of sugar. Allow this to boil for 2-3 minutes and set aside to cool. (You will not need all of this for a few drinks, but it lasts a month in your fridge.) 2. Once your ginger simple syrup has cooled, you're ready to make your cocktail. 3. Fill your Moscow mule glass with crushed ice. 4. Fill a martini shaker with cubed ice. 3. Juice 1 lime. 4. Add 3-4 mint leaves. 5. Measure out 3 oz of vodka and pour it into the shaker. 6. Add 1/2 oz of ginger simple syrup and add it to the shaker. 7. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds and strain evenly into both of the glasses. 8. Add 4-5 oz of Ginger Beer into each glass. If you want it a little less sweet, you can add an oz or two of soda water. This is not part of the recipe, but it makes it a little more refreshing. 9. Stir and garnish with sliced ginger and mint. Enjoy!

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