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A New Diet, A Fresh Start... My 30 Day Clean Eating Cleanse

Starting this Monday, March 9th, I will be embarking on a 30 day clean eating cleanse. No more dairy, with the exception of eggs, no gluten and no artificial sugars or ingredients at all. This is a first for me. There are many things that I cling to like goat cheese, and some sweet treats. My husband is even more hesitant to give this a go and is calling me crazy. I'm not willing to use the "P" word (paleo) or any other fad diet. Yes paleo people, its a fad. The idea is correct, no processed or artificial ingredients. But the fact that its a caveman diet? Give it a rest! They were hunters and gatherers and their diets varied greatly from region to region. Tree bark anyone? And I can't completely embark on a vegan diet since we love meat! But I will consent to no dairy since it is linked with bloating and digestive problems. And lastly, apparently nutritionists believe that every one has some degree of a gluten intolerance. So bring on the brown rice flour! Why? Well, honestly, the goal is to see what it does to my body. I'll be totally transparent, the first and most important marker for what I deem as success will be weight loss. I'm a pretty healthy person that sneaks some unhealthy stuff in here and there. I go to the gym 60-90 minutes a day, 6 days a week. I count calories. But my body is "stuck". I've reached the point where whatever I'm doing isn't doing it. The only solution is to try something new. And although I am anxious to see if I have more energy, and how it effects my skin and over all me-ness... If my ass isn't shrinking; I'm not biting. I mean come on, I'm not giving up cheese if I'm not getting something in return! Am I right? But truth be told, I've looked up some pretty exciting recipe ideas that I can't wait to try. Some of the ones I have comping up are original. And others are totally reliant upon the genius of clean eating pioneers before me. For example, Deliciously Ella has a Sweet Potato Brownie Recipe that I am psyched to try. She refers to it as the recipe that got her a book deal, and she been the number one selling book on amazon for a month now... So I'm guessing its pretty good. And as my husband whines and moans about our new restrictive diet, I remind him that we will be having delicious barbacoa bowls, sweet treats and even some baked goods in the mornings. I am a little weary to make almond cheese and cashew chevre. But who knows, maybe it will be better than decent. So for 30 days I am going to embrace a new way of eating and hopefully a new road to a healthier, happier body. I will stop counting calories and I will be eating foods that love my body and not just foods that I love to eat. Although, of course, the goal is to have both! Although I'm not going to release my starting weight and body fat percentages, I will be willing to share the final result. You'll just have to speculate as to the rest. Be kind! ;) I hope you'll enjoy this journey with me. See you on the other side. -Amy

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