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Organic Dairy Free Coffee Creamer

Okay, I refuse to use the "P" word... Do you know what I'm talking about, paleo. But starting Monday (March 9th), I will be eating dairy free (except for eggs), gluten free and no artificial sugars or ingredients. For 30 days I will maintain this diet and see if it is "worth it". One of the things I will never be able to do is drink black coffee. I am addicted to coffee creamers. And although technically my morning routine is dairy free, my beloved coffee creamers are made with partially hydroginated oils. So I am pretty sure that is not going to fall into my classification of no processed foods. Haha. As I continue to try new coffee creamer flavors, I will add them to this page. But for now... this is my first go at it.

Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer: 2 cans organic coconut milk 1/3 cup pure organic maple syrup 1/3 cup raw cocoa powder 3 tbsp pure vanilla extract 1 tsp pure peppermint extract In a sauce pan, heat the coconut milk to a medium temperature. Add the maple syrup and the extracts. Once the temperature of the pot has heated enough to add the cocoa powder, add it too. Whisk until it is well mixed. This will take roughly 5 minutes. I began to pour it into my storage container and noticed a settlement of cocoa powder at the bottom. I returned it to the pot and whisked for another few minutes until the mixture was entirely homogeneous. Transfer to a lidded container and store in your fridge. Add to your favorite coffee and enjoy!

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