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Frites, the fancy French fry. Wander around the streets of France and everywhere you look you will see people eating steak and fries. But not just fries, frites. Okay, they're really just really skinny fries. But if you think about it, that's the best way! They look better and they taste better. So if you're looking for a fancier fry, search no more! Let me say that I was incredibly nervous to do this. I have never really deep fried anything and was sure that I would muck it up. It was significantly easier than I thought it would be!

Ingredients: 3 large russet potatoes 3-4" of vegetable oil for frying (so depending on the diameter of your pot, this could be 2 cups or 5) salt, to taste -and- To go with my dinner tonight I had a little chopped cilantro, parsley and garlic tossed in too, but that is completely optional. Also, get ready to go through a fair amount of paper towels. ;)

Instructions: 1. Thoroughly clean your potatoes. 2. Using the thinnest setting on the mandoline, slice your potatoes. 3. After they are in thin strips, add them to a bowl of cold water with a little bit of ice. Allow them to soak 10-15 minutes.

4. Drain the water and pat the potatoes completely dry. 5. Pour your vegetable oil into a pot and allow it to heat to 325 degrees. Also, make sure the oil is 3-4 inches deep. 6. While your oil is heating, lay out a few layers of paper towels to let the fried frites dry on. I have stone countertops, so I laid a few of my daughter's place mats underneath the paper towels so that none of the oil seeps through. 7. Divide the patted dry potatoes into groups. 8. Gently add the first batch of potatoes to your heated oil. Fry them for 5-7 minutes. Since this is the first time I had done this, I checked them a few times along the way. I will say you will know when they're done. When you go to stir them, they're totally rigid. Don't let them brown too much or they will burn quickly. And if all else fails, taste test them. If they're crunchy and no longer soggy, they are done. 9. Using a slotted spoon, remove the frites and place them on a paper towel. Lightly sprinkle with salt right away. The salt will adhere better if the oil is still drying. 10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until you have finished cooking all of your potatoes. 11. You can toss them in herbs, minced garlic or other seasonings if you would like. Enjoy!

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