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Sriracha and Pineapple Chicken Burgers

I can't photograph burgers for the life of me! You would think it should be easy. But for me, it is not! And this photo DOES NOT give this burger justice. I thought I had an almost perfected salad with a grilled sriracha chicken and pineapple. So what did I do? I took that lovely beautiful and clean eating delight and I added cheese and carbs into it; transforming it into a burger. Why? Why not! And although it was only served to an audience of two... We were both convinced that this was THE BEST chicken burger either of us had ever had. (Sorry Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Deluxe. You will always hold a place in my heart; and most likely a few dimples on my ass as well.) I have to say, that the simple and skill free combination of the brined chicken breast, then covered in sriracha and grilled; I could put on almost anything. It is one of those perfect chicken flavors that makes you question if you're over estimating how good it is because it is that easy! But it is good. And I super amplified it by making it into a yummy burger! My husband ate two burgers!!! Makes 4 Burgers

Ingredients: 4 onion Poppy Seed Buns 2 chicken breasts 4 slices of pepper jack 4 romaine leaves 1 tomato 4 pineapple slices (fresh or canned) 1 avocado 1/4- 1/2 cup of Sriracha mayonnaise 2 cups water 1/4 cup salt 1/4 cup brown sugar

Instructions: 1. Create a brine for your chicken. Combine 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup salt and 1/4 cup brown sugar in a bowl. Add your chicken, cover and refrigerate for 3-6 hours. 2. About an hour before you plan on serving your chicken, remove it from the brine and pat it dry. 3. Cut your chicken in half across the shortest distance from one side to another. Like you're trying to make 2 chicken burger sized patties. With a meat hammer, pound it a bit till it is thinner, like a cutlet, and about the size of the bun. 4. Roughly 1 hour before you plan on grilling the chicken, squirt sriracha onto your chicken and spread it evenly on both sides of the breast. (I used a little more than a tablespoon for each breast. I like spicy and you lose some in transfer, so it wasn't too over powering.) 5. If you use canned pineapple, its ready to put it onto the grill. If it is fresh, cut it 1/2 an inch thick and core it after grilling, it will make it easier to flip and remove that way.) 6. Put your chicken on the lower rack of the grill and the pineapple on the top. Flip each after 3-4 minutes on each side (verify the internal temperature of the chicken with a meat thermometer; it shoudl read roughly 165 degrees). Add a slice of pepper jack to each piece of chicken the last 30-60 seconds of grilling. 7. While your chicken is cooking, halve your buns and toast them in the oven on the broil setting, insides facing up. This should only take 2 minutes or so. 8. Remove the buns and spread mayonnaise on them. Top with a drizzle of more sriracha if you like spice! 9. Add your lettuce and sliced tomato on the bottom. 10. Add your chicken and top with grilled pineapple. 11. Finally, add a few thin slices of avocado and the top bun. Enjoy!

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