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Avocado/Egg Toast- Breakfast of Champions!

Breakfast... The most important meal of the day, right? Then why is it so often neglected? Or simply filled with quick and sugary substitutes that don't sustain or fuel your body?!?! I am quick to admit, that many times I too am guilty of the breakfast faux-pa. I am the last one that I take care of in the morning. My daughter is first to wake, and I transition her for the day with breakfast and conversation. (Yesterday we made Purple Pascal Pancakes... Discussing the letter "P" and it's sound. In addition to phonics lesson, we also spent precious bonding time cooking together.) Then I typically unload the dishwasher, give the dogs food and water. Then either get my 14 month old son up, or give him a bottle, change his diaper and put him back to bed (depending on how early he wakes.) Then everyone gets dressed, toys "lovingly" get violently thrown back into the kids hallway, we load up the car and see if we all make it out alive and dressed on the way to the gym and/or school. You get the point... Absolute chaos. Always. And even though I know the importance of breakfast, particularly a nutritious one... Sometimes I just shove something in my mouth and call it a day. Let us take a minute to ponder things that would make a good breakfast. Of course quick and easy are big pluses. But let us, just for a minute, assume that you care about what is going into your body.

Is it healthy?

Will it sustain you?

Does it taste good?

All of these things are important. Carbs. We try to avoid them, but we do need them. If you're going to eat them, the earlier in the day the better. Carbs are fuel. They give you energy that your body burns! So why not have some form of toast for breakfast? I am not a gluten free person. I limit my gluten but do not nix it completely. But when I do purchase bread I always grab some that is whole grain, filled with seeds and nuts and actually has some nutritional value.

If you're looking for a good gluten free bread, trying looking at this article from the Huffington post:

Food Babe also has her recommendations for good healthy breads (gluten filled and gluten free):

So what do we put on our bread? Say it with me.... Healthy fat and protein!



These things will fill you up till lunch, So we have our "fuel" and our "fill" checked off. (Not to mention quick and tasty.)

How do we put it all together? 1)Toast your toast... Hopefully I don't have to explain that to you... but if I do, that's step one. ;) I typically halve an avocado and remove the core. Then sliced thin it both horizontally and vertically, making little avocado cubes. Scoop them into a bowl and add salt (preferably Pink Himalayan Salt) and red pepper flakes to taste. Give it a good smooshing/mixing and set it aside. (You can make enough for a few days... I normally use 1/3 of an avocado. This will make your next few days of toast topping.) 2) Soft boil, poach, hard boil, scramble or fry a delicious egg. This will give you both protein and healthy fats, fueling you for hours! (Just like with an avocado, you can make a few eggs to make morning prep earlier. I ALWAYS have hard boiled eggs in my refrigerator. Although I would prefer a soft boil, poached egg or fried egg for this meal.) 3. Add it to your toast! 4. GET CREATIVE! Don't stop with just toast, avocado and eggs. Although though they can definitely stand solo! Add some Lox (smoked salon, one of my favorites). This is not only super yummy, but also adds more protein and healthy fat. Add some arugula. Arugula adds a nice peppery crunch to the mix. Squeeze a lime. Add a few slices of bacon. More veggies? Yes! Any other topping is acceptable! Get creative, but not too creative. You probably don't want avocado-egg-peanut butter toast. :)

You're off to a great start with this meal. Trust me. I'm a genius.

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