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Spicy Grilled Caesar with Lox and Soft Boiled Eggs

Want the world's easiest "fancy" salad. This delicious salad involves pretty much no dishes and very few ingredients. And guess what? It is DE-LIC-IOUS! The soft boiled eggs, the smoked salmon, crisp and sweet romaine, and spicy Caesar are amazing together! I have avocados pictured here (since avocado, smoked salmon and lox are like my favorite things together) but quite honestly, I would leave them off. They won't hurt the salad. But there were so many scrumptious creamy things going on that the avocado was competing with them instead of complimenting them. Grilling the lettuce may seem like s silly novelty, and you can always forgo this step. But it actually added a really sweet dimension to the romaine that I wasn't expecting. And while were being honest here... when I ate my salad, it looked NOTHING like this picture. This doesn't even make sense logistically. But it sure does look pretty like this! :) Salad Swoon! So unless you're reposting a similar recipe on your food blog, or have some fancy artsy people coming to dinner, you can chop up your lettuce, hack up those eggs and toss it like normal. I won't be disappointed in you. Pinky promise. Serves 4-5

Ingredients: 3 heads of romaine 6 oz packaged lox (or a similar amount) 5-6 eggs Caesar dressing (jar of your favorite, always go for something refrigerated in your produce section) 1-3 tsp Sriracha

Instructions: 1. Halve your head of romaine. If you are going to grill them, read the following instructions. If you chose to skip this step, discontinue reading step 1. Turn your grill on high and grill center down for 1-2 minutes, charring the center slightly. You can also use a pan with grill lines to do the same thing. Heat it up and lay the romaine down for 1-2 minutes. (Check the romaine at 1 minute. You're just looking for a slight char, with a few black lines. 2. Place your eggs into a pot and cover with cold water. Bring the water to a boil and remove the eggs from heat. Let them sit 2 minutes, covered, before removing from the hot liquid. Peel and set aside. 3. Cut up your lettuce and add it to the bowl you intend to serve your salad in. 4. In a small bowl mix as much dressing as you intend on using with sriracha to taste. (My husband was out of town, so I mixed 3-4 tbsp of Caesar with a few tsp of sriracha, but only dressed my salad one serving at a time so it wouldn't get soggy.) 5. Cut of tear your lox, and add them to the bowl. Also quarter your soft boiled eggs, adding them as well. 6. Add the desired amount of salad dressing, toss and serve. Enjoy!

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