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​We had the incredible blessing of going down to Sonoma, California for a friend's wedding. Of course this foodie heart of mine was originally enthralled by the food and wine that would be vastly different from what I get to experience here in Florida. (I don't exactly live in the cultural epicenter of the world right now.) I miss my home. I miss Seattle. Where at every corner you turn there is an enormous variety of delectable food and infinite cultural variances. Alas, we move frequently for my husband's job, and although I am surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches... I am also left with choices like Po' Folks, Kuntry Kitchn for my dining out pleasures! Imagine your shock when I'm so frequently cooking from home. Oh my joy when I came down from a short hike (hike #1)...

(tomb from the hike, there were so many beautiful ones like this)

...with the hubby and there was a Farmers' Market where we sampled fresh, farm grown fare (insane shitaki tacos and a heirloom tomato blt) and then were able to purchase some infused oils, garden fresh heirloom veggies, brined and smoked Pacific salmon, and chocolates that were to die for!

My pantry is now stocked with some of these. They're also serving as inspiration for future food blog posts/recipes!

Seriously.... How BEAUTIFUL are these?!?!?

And these?!?!

This shitake taco and heirloom tomato BLT were to die for!

And yes, we shamefully went to this chocolate shop twice in 4 days. And didn't bring a single piece home. The chocolate dipped honeycomb was my favorite! Oh, and the fleur de sel, and the raspberry truffle, and...

Fast forward to a lazy afternoon spent in bed napping, watching TV and other activities that require the complete absence of children... And we were in heaven.

(Resting in our cottage)

Later that night we went to The Girl and the Fig (thanks April for the recommendation). First we had a fromage platter, so legit! And then some super yummy salads and steak tartar that made my happy little tongue sing.

(Is saying raw meat is the way to my heart strange? I love raw steak, raw fish... this steak tartar was da' bomb!)

(House preserved olives, assorted cheese, fig cake, cheese... this fromage plate was so yummy!)

And Sonoma didn't just have culture and food to offer... We drove about 15 miles out and went on a hike that was simply breath taking. A giant pain in the ass, but soooo beautiful once you reached the top. The panoramic view included the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Sonoma and Napa Valley. Sure my husband had sold it to me as a steep 3 mile hike that turned out to be an incredibly steep 3 mile hike up and a long, windy, unmaintained 5-6 miles hike back down thanks so our adventure seeking trail selection. But oh boy, was it worth it!

(On top of the mountain... it wouldnt load my panoramic)

Then for the whole reason for the trip... The absolutely beautiful, and heart melting wedding of our good friends Gerianna and Stephen. In no particular order the venue was serene, the bride was beautiful, the food was insane, the vows were perfect, there was fun to be had and you seriously couldn't have changed a thing. If you're planning a wedding, consider the Jacuzzi Family Winery in Sonoma, California.

We were simply shameful during the cocktail and appetizer hour. After missing out on a few walk abouts of appetizer platters, we discovered the exit door from the kitchen. The holy grail of ahi tartar fried won ton cones, fig glazed bacon knots, fig cookies topped with goat cheese and other goodies were all exiting from one door. A few of us parked our greedy asses in front of the dor. Our attempts to be sneaky were comically transparent and we eventually shied away as the servers started coming straight to us before making the rounds. But a little shame is always worth a happy tummy!

I know I am rambling about the food, this is a food blog after all. But it all absolutely paled in comparison to the overwhelming joy and love that radiated from the purpose of that trip, the wedding... Gerianna and Stephen. Y'all, you hit this out of the park, and I know you will keep doing so till you're buried in one of those grave stones we saw on our first hike. Haha.

Anyway... It was such a great trip! The first one I had without kids in 3+ years. My husband lovingly mocked me as I listed the endless things I wouldn't have to bring/endure/do to fly with out kids. He told me I would be the happiest person in coach, and it was true. Love my munchkins, but the 4 full days away from them was exactly what we needed. Good food and great snuggles with the hubby, followed by great friends and tons of fun was just what the non medically qualified fictitious doctor ordered.

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