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Orange-Ginger Cranberry Sauce

Okay, if you have been buying the pre-made cranberry sauce, we need to have a little chat about your life decisions! I mean, this is super easy and requires minimal effort and skill. If you can measure and stir then I have full confidence in you. THIS is the first step in the newer, better more proactive you. I mean sure, there may be other things like charitable giving, selflessness, yard work, showering and self worth to be tackled; but Rome wasn't built in a day.

Personally, I like mine a little tart. So adding more sugar is a quick and easy adjustment.

Basically all you have to do is

1) Purchase and/or find the ingredients in the below graphic

2) Put a large pot on the stove and turn the stove top to a medium-high heat

3) Add ingredients and continue to stir occasionally for 20-30 minutes.


And in case I haven't given you sufficient information, here is a video. Hope the redundancy hasn't made your head pop off. :)

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