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Summer Fun and Dole Whip

Okay, okay, I get it. Its not YOUR summer yet. But it is mine. It is March in Hawaii. And the trees are filling up with fragrant blossoms, we are at the beach with some frequency and pretty much embracing all things heat. Even if I can not fully sell you on the concept of summer in March, maybe I can entice you to relive that perfect summer moment where sunshine is on your face and you have an icy and sweet summer treat. Or maybe this luscious pineapple flavored frosty conjures up memories of Disney. Whatever the association may be for you, we are going to recreate this wildly simple favorite together. So push out all images of snow, rain, warm soups and venture with me to a Hawaiian summer. I am already there, and I love company.

If you're unfamiliar with "Dole Whip" then you will be pleasantly surprised. There just so happens to be a Dole Plantation here on the beautiful island of Oahu. Should you find yourself here in my land of perpetual sunshine, throw this on your to do list. For sure. (Or as my husband and I would say "fro sham". But you're not privy to that inside joke. Sorry. Hehe)

In addition to the Dole plantations that serve up this goodness, "Dole Whip" is also pretty much a staple treat in the land of Disney. There are even a few fro-yo parlors that have rights to this exclusive dessert. But the truth is it is wildly simple. And I am not one to let other have all the fun. Especially when I can do it myself in a few easy steps whose result in something equally delectable. I mean, not many things are better in life than 3-4 ingredients thrown into a blender with THIS as a result. Hey, if the kids aren't around toss some coconut rum in there and watch the real fun begin. Have I lost you yet? No? Thank goodness, because the following is extremely brief, but incredibly satisfying.


Serves 4-6 (feel free to freeze and reserve*)


4 cups frozen pineapple chunks (If you can get your hands on fresh Hawaiian pineapple, dice and freeze it, awesome. If not, already frozen pineapple will do the trick.)

3/4 cups milk/cream (I used heavy whipping cream, it was legit. But you can also use canned coconut milk. The heavy whip will have more of a creamy and pure pineapple flavor. Naturally, the coconut will leave you with a pina colada feel. The texture will be the same with either choice.)

1 tbsp vanilla, optional

1 tbsp white sugar, optional

waffle cone, optional

pineapple topping, optional

Equipment: Vitamix (or another powerful blender, you will need a strong blender for this one)


1. Add pineapple chunks and milk/cream of choice to the blender. Continue to blend until smooth, using the tamper to help get everything down to the blade.

All other steps are optional. See, I told you this was EASY! ;)

2. Add vanilla and sugar and continue to blend. I added both, but you will find plenty of recipes out that that do not; so whatever you want to do is up to you.

Serve in a a waffle cone, a bowl, a cup, eat it out of the blender. Look, you're a literate autonomous adult. I have full confidence that you can make these choices yourself. :)

*Should you chose to freeze and serve again at a future date (Freezer Mason Jars are amazing for this), allow the dole whip to soften a little (10 minutes or so) and re-blend in your Vitamix.

Pictures from some of our Dole Plantation Adventures

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