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Back Home Adventures- My Personal Premier

It turns out, difficult to believe, I know, that I have a life outside of food. Food is, of course, something I am deeply passionate about. Something that I love. But it turns out there are other things I am passionate about, other things that I love. This may range from something trivial like an unmatched obsession with coffee creamer to something that touches my soul, like my husband and my kids. Until recently, I have left this blog almost entirely to my infatuation with cooking good food. It is, after all, a food blog. And there is a large possibility that no one will be even remotely interested in my personal life. Why should they be?

But it turns out, in many ways, I am a little bit interesting. Nothing profound or particularly note worthy. But you know, we live in Hawaii. Hawaii is pretty neat. I was just on Food Network Star. That is super legit. So for those of you who do not actually KNOW me, this is a bit of me.

I will start simple. You do not need to be concerned with my upbringing, my religious beliefs or any of that. But how about what I have been up so since I have been back? The hikes we have been on (best family outings ever) and friends I have paddle boarded with (saw sea turtles and watched F-22 Raptors land on a runway on the Pacific Ocean). I haven't been back that long. But this month has already been filled with adventure. As someone who is tied to a life with two young kids, I am a seeker of obtainable adventure. Luckily, because of my husband's job, we have gotten to live some pretty bad ass places! Alaska for one, where 24 hour day light is synonymous with summer. Where we hiked glaciers and went fishing in the Russian River when the salmon were spawning and got chased by bears. Or, Hawaii (current location), where every day life mimics a tropical vacation (but with laundry, chores and bills). We have lived a few other places too. But this life is our adventure. So lets dive in.

Manoa Waterfall Trail

Um, seriously. For only a $5 parking fee, this is the no filter view that I get?!?!

At one point in the hike, I looked above me and noticed the stunning patterns that nature created on its own; through no work of man or any other design.

The Grumpiest Log Ever!!! (That's all)

Makapuu Point Lighthouse

The hike the day before has been such a success that we told the kids that it was a hiking weekend and shot across the island for another hike, this time coastal. It turns out, that even if your hike is through a mountainous terrain, if there is a concrete path, it is not considered a hike in the eyes of children. So my adventurous road warriors from the day before, were actually a little grumpy on this "hike".

Despite some overly dramatic sighing from the small of the the two in the clan, this hike was beautiful!!! We saw whales, a variety of plant life and, of course, the great Pacific Ocean. Gosh I love living here sometimes!

Pat and Joshua looking for whales. He looooves his daddy.

Such a stunning view! If you look off in the distance you can see the Mokes. We love taking our ocean kayaks out there on the weekends. We have received a few unsolicited comments from strangers about how "brave" our kids are for being "willing" to go out in the waves. Um, thanks people I don't know. They have life vests, we can swim. We love them. They are fine.

Like, the cutest lighthouse ever!

Then a few days later went paddle boarding with my friend Layne. We just chilled in the ocean and watched the F22 Raptors land on the ocean front runway. Michelle, who in an instructor for the Wet Hens (a sailing group) took this lovely non-selfie pic of me. Yes, the oceans really are that blue.

Another awesome hike...

Lanscape by God

Pat and I.

Room with a view

And finally, our neighborhood parrots! They say "bye". As do I.

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