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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco De Mayo, everyone's favorite Taco-Rita celebration that falls on the 5th of May. It also happens to be an actual day of celebration with some heritage. Cinco de Mayo is a day of remembrance and celebration of the Mexican army's unlikely victory over the French at the battle of Puebla in 1862. (Thanks Wikipedia. And since this is not a college paper, Wikipedia is a legitimate source to site. Come on people, Its a flippin food blog.) One of the beautiful things about Mexican culture is how soulfully they celebrate. Even Dia de Los Muertos is a celebration of those who have moved on from this world. Death is a celebration. And that vibrant heritage also comes with some pretty amazing food! Maybe that is why we like to try to tag along to these Mexican holidays. Tasty spirits, craveable food, bright colors and lively music... It is the perfect celebration!!!

So how you do pull of a great Cinco de Mayo party without having an obscene amount of decor that you cant decide to store in some corner or throw away at the end? The right music, a few pops of color and delicious food will have people talking about your hostess skills.

I am like a serving wear hoarder. (Which has proven to be quite difficult in my tiny Hawaiian home.) So I may have more already purchased items in my back pocket than you do. So I simply supplemented my existing stash with some of the items from the $1-$5 section at Target. From colorful plates, to streams of lights and random decor, I added some serious color for under $20! Pinterst is also your friend. Music is a free party add on that puts people in the mood!!! You can search Cinco de Mayo or Mariachi on Spotify or Pandora and that doesn't cost a darn thing. I plan on including some adorably simple tips to spruce up your party in this blog post,. But at the end of the day, I am allllllll about la comida. So, I have gathered all of my Mexican Recipes in one place, from snacks and cocktails to tummy filling entree like items. (I ask that you please bare with me on some of my older posts. Although the food is delicious, there are less pictures and I was just starting out. Bare with me might be an over step, how about reserve judgement for amateur slip ups/photography. Gracias mis amigos.)

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