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Flowers and Tropical Plants

Okay, I am woman of many talents. As mentioned on my Food Network Star Casting Video, making my ass shrink is not one of them. This food blog has been primarily dedicated to my cooking with a few exceptions here and there since its creation. It's name Caviar and Crayons was intended to be a play off of sophistication (caviar) as well as casually chaotic (crayons). However, it turns out I am obnoxiously crafty as well. I craft, literally. I paint, I draw, I McGuiver shit. I am someone who finds joy in creating things, discovering things. I love to read, dissect literature (or I did before I had kids). My passions for creation extends far beyond food. Not downplaying the food. Food is important. Food nourishes your body, but also your soul (if done right). It is something that we need not only to sustain us, but it provides pleasure, companionship.

The truth is though, I really miss painting regularly. I have 2 young children, 3 and 5. And busting out an easel, paints, brushes, stuff to protect my carpet etc is a task. And it is not one easily done with excited little fingers who want to participate in what you are doing too. My soul jumps a bit when I plan ahead to tuck away and get to paint something. There is something soothing about it. And at the same time something exciting. Creating. Creating is exciting. My soul calms down when I get to create. I can step away from chaos and direct my attention at one things that is completely an extension of me. Alternately it makes me giddy. As colors, textures and patterns come together, I get to look at the aesthetically pleasing product and pat myself on the back. I am not an artistic prodigy or anything. But I don't suck either. And even if I did, so what. I love it.

I am going to start posting my paintings on my blog. And I will probably back date some as well so there isn't a surge of my painting over the years. But for now we will post the two that I just did last week. I started a tradition last year on my birthday. I painted something for myself. My husband was gone for work for 7 months and I decided to paint myself a birthday painting. And this year, on my birthday, I brought my kids to the art store and picked out more canvas, paints and the addition of texture. Emelia used her tooth fairy money to buy a canvas and Joshua got one too. We can't just leave the little guy out!

The first painting I did, the one on my actual birthday is this random plant. We have a similar one in our yard. I used it as a backdrop once for a blog post once.

Real life plant below (duh). The Dole Whip was the star. But there is a plant back there somewhere.

I had purchased two canvases with the full intention of flaking my cow painting from last year with the ones I completed on my birthday and the following day. You see, I can only paint when my kids are napping. So I have to divide my time.

There you guys have it. A few of my paintings. I will get some old ones in here for you at some point. :)

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