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Surf -OR- Turf Tacos? Why Not!

Land or sea? Cattle ranch or fisherman? Steak or fish? The truth is, that either of these taste phenomenal on a taco. And this Jalapeno Lime Slaw pairs perfectly with it. Want more? Well for an introductory price of $19/95/month you can also add this Tomatillo, Avocado Salsa and well. All all of the flavors compliment each other. Want even more? Too bad, that is all I have for you today. The good news is there is no fee for the Tomatillo Avocado Salsa. You should probably pay your grocer though. I mean, you probably shouldn't run around Jean ValJean-ing your groceries. You don't want to become 2-6-4-0-1. How did we get from Mexican food to French literature turned musical? Heck if I know. I don't really think in a linear fashion. Great tacos, phenomenal musical; I really don't see what the problem is here.

Okay, so I cooked these for Food Network Star. Except there they were surf AND turf tacos. When we present our dishes, we obviously have to give a personal story if possible. Cao and I were assigned Beef Tacos... and I needed a personal story. So I made steak and halibut tacos. Why one would ask? Well, we used to live in Alaska, and I have old fishermans' tales of going deep sea halibut fishing. Okay, they are basically your run of the mill deep sea halibut fishing stories filled with freezing temps, motion sickness and big ass fish. But whatever, its vaguely relevant.

Whatever the back story, these are legit. My presentation may have been way less than stellar, but the tacos got compliments from Mr. Bobby Flay himself. (Not the first time my food has landed in that position. Just saying.) So whether you go for surf, turf, or both... you are going to love what you're your putting in your mouth. (Assuming were are still talking about my tacos. I take no claim or responsibility for anything else you put in your mouth. Seriously.)

I am going to ask a lot of you here. It involves some common sense and some basic arithmetic. You need to know how much food you normally eat and how many people you are serving. Since this recipe brings in so many random elements you need to plan on your own. If you cook 2 lbs of steak, 1 1/2 lb of fish, 8 cups of slaw and 4 cups of Avocado Tomatillo salsa, you will be eating tacos for a while... unless you're hosting an all you can eat taco party. Since I brought together more than one recipe here, I can not decisively tell you how much this will serve. Truly, I am asking you to do some non critical thinking all on your lonesome here.

There are also a few "additional ingredients" that are not apart of the recipe links.

They are pretty basic.

Tortillas (we Loooooove Tortilla Land)

Feta, Cojita or another crumbling cheese

extra cilantro or lime for garnish and flavor

Otherwise, just follow these links and we will discuss putting it all together at the end. :)

Then really the only other thing is the fish. On Food Network Star, I had used Halibut. I debated buying halibut, for this post but I had just bought some Snapper the day before. And truthfully, I can only pander to y'all so much before I go crazy. Remember, I am "just" a stay at home mom. I don't even know how I can spell the words I am writing. As an unemployed stay at home mom, I do not have a job and do not even need my education. In case I ever questioned the value that I possess by committing my life to raising two happy and thriving two young children, Twitter has reminded me that what I do is not a job and I should just shut up about it. Fish? Oh yeah, fish. The truth is most flaky fish will do. Halibut, Snapper, Cod, Grouper, Mahi Mahi...

The Snapper fillets that I used were fairly then, so they grilled quickly. If you are using a thicker fish, you will want to adjust accordingly. You can use google to figure out cook times. Unless you are a stay at home mom, in which case you need to ask a man to do it. Their brains are bigger. It is science. (If you don't know me... I am being sarcastic AF. This is the exact opposite about how I feel about the female gender. I actually think that we are quite possibly more capable. But that is an entirely different post.)

Whichever fish you chose, the following ingredients will add some flavor to it.


Fish of choice (figure out grill times)

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp lime juice

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

pinch of red pepper flakes



1. Combine the olive oil, lime juice, red pepper flakes and crushed garlic into a small bowl, and stir together.

2. Using a basting brush, or something vaguely similar, brush your fish with the mixture.

3. After you have brushed it, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

4. The following is for Snapper, a thin cut of fish that grilled quickly... Grill roughly 2-3 minutes per side or until the fish flakes with the touch of a fork.

5. You may add more salt or pepper at this time if you would like.

Putting it all together:

2. Plate the slaw.

3. Plate the sliced meat of your choosing.

4. Top with some tomatillo avocado salsa.

5. Add some crumbled feta or cojita.

6. Add some extra cilantro or limes if you chose.

Enjoy the F out of some tacos!

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