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Upscale Sheet Pan Dinners

My take on a salmon nicoise salad and chicken gyros... sheet pan dinners are where it is at. Fall is setting in and school/sports are taking over your lives! I am just guessing here. Simply things with a sheet pan dinner. 

About Us

Caviar and Crayons finds its roots in the love for food. Amy (who has lived the span of the continent from Alaska, to  Hawaii, Seattle, Florida and more) is a culinary chameleon with a taste for pleasantly palatable wanderlust. As a season 13 finalist on Food Network Star, Amy has gained once in a life time experiences. Her food was constantly praised by Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and more.  From elevated recipes, to adventures in food (and otherwise), Caviar and Crayons is an ode to how food, experiences and life shape the food we love and how it becomes so embedded into our sense of the world. We do private chef appearances, catering, parties, cooking demos/tutorials and more. 

Brisket Banh Mi

I am not sure about Food Network's "Sour Sandwich" trend, but Banh Mi-s are hands down "mi" favorite sandwich. I'm gonna do you a solid, and throw in the salad version for free. :)

Food Network Star

(Season 13)

Papaya Bowl Video with Well Being Hawaii

Watch the demo and make these beautiful papaya bowls with me, Amy Pottinger, and my friends at Well Being Hawaii. 

Messy Life, Messy Kitchen

My latest Messy Life, Messy Kitchen can be found on my YouTube channel. 

My Casting Video

My 2 minute casting video is comedic relief for sure. I wouldn't say I am proud of it, but I am most certainly amused! Enjoy!


Orange Ginger

Cranberry Sauce 

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